Monday, July 03, 2006

Golf and Gun Club

From the bull pen:

A friend of mine said he was going to Metaline Falls (his hometown) to play in a golf tournament. "Its a golf and gun club". (I am not making that up).

I said, "Only in Idaho." He reminded me it was in Washington. 'Same difference', I thought. "Only in the Sticks".

I asked, "Is that like a skeet shooting club, only instead of ' PULL', Ka-Pow you have ' FORE', Ka-Pow?

Ka-Pow, ' I shot a birdie.' Ka-pow, ' I shot an eagle' "

He said they shot across the golf course in the winter when you can't play golf. I suggested that the golfing would be more challenging if they had the shooting in the summer.

Shooting guns in the winter in the northeast corner of Washington seemed strange to me. But then I remembered the Biathlon - like they have in the Olympics. The biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and target shooting.

North Idaho has its own version to the biathlon. Redneck poachers on snowmobiles.


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