Monday, June 26, 2006

1000 TV Channels on your Computer, Free - This is NOT an ad

I saw the ad. Oh boy, I thought. First of all, I'm cheap.
Secondly I don't watch much TV. My rabbit ears get the
major networks including Fox, plus two public TV stations.
But it would would be nice to once in a while get the
Discovery and the Disney channel and the like.

One time software purchase and no other fees. Well
fortunately I did some checking around the internet. Sorry,
no Animal Planet, no Comedy Central. What you get is a
directory of webcasts from around the world with a bookmark
system so you can find your favorite channels again.

Don't send money. Go to World Wide Internet TV (there are probably other free
directories) and see what kind of TV channels you get for
free. There are college broadcasts, local, government,
religious stations, news, regional sports, and stations and
even watch NASA live.

No Discovery channel. But if you want news from New Orleans
- you got it. If you have relatives in Boston or are
planning to visit there, you can find out what's happening.
Want to brush up on your Russian. Japanese, Vietnamese or
whatever? There are stations from around the world.

Since I would like to someday visit New Zealand, I checked
that out. There were only three stations. I clicked on one
that had recorded broadcasts of the news. It was neat that
I could pick out the stories I wanted to see. Clicking on
the screen made it a full screen.

New Zealand was having unusual amounts of snow, causing road
closures and power outages. (Our local Spokane station
failed to report that). Some places were without power for
two weeks. And it's colder than normal. June is like our
December, so they have a long winter ahead of them.

Maybe we should send them our air pollution so they can get
some of this global warming stuff.


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